DotVision GPS

Live tracking of your race, run connected with Dotvision!

Dotvision GPS Tracking lets you add a new experience to your race using the Dotvision Motion mobile APP.Specialized in sports event tracking for 19 years, Dotvision allows you to be tracked on all OUREA races by turning your smartphone into a GPS tracker.

  • Share your adventure to be followed by your friends ones live.
  • Compare yourself with other runners in real time.
  • Analyze and relive your performance with the replay and full report of your race.

To take advantage of this option:

  • Download the free “Dotvision Motion” app on your phone.
  • Purchase a tracking activation code for your race directly online during your registration or on Dotvision mobile App
  • Start your application before the race and leave with peace of mind

Take full advantage of the events you are taking part in with the Live Dotvision Motion tracking service !More about the system on https://motion.dotvision.com/Solutions/Apps