Trail and Ultra in Avoriaz 1800


Registration closed... The 1st edition of OUREA is postponed from 24 to 31th July 2021 due to COVID-19.

Procedure to register:

  1. create your ATHLETE AREA
  2. choose your race, for stage races select your accommodation
  3. validate your registration by going to your shopping kart to make your payment.

OUREA Xtrem, OUREA Xtrem Relay, OUREA 130 & OUREA 120 include:

  • apartment accommodation, with another athlete, alone or with the family (different possibilities, simulation during registration)
  • full board
  • race registration
  • from Annemasse SNCF train station or Geneva Airport, free transfer to Avoriaz
  • and more, detailed in the link "Prices" below

For stage races, 1st price and  possibility to pay in 3 times (Registration platform fees included):

  • OUREA Xtrem starting at 1290 € 
  • OUREA Xtrem Relay starting at 1840 € 
  • OUREA 130 starting at 745 €
  • OUREA 120 starting at 655 € 

For OUREA Solo races, 1st prices (Registration platform fees included):

  • OUREA Solo 1: 11 €
  • OUREA Solo 2: 51 € 
  • OUREA Solo 3: 36 € 
  • OUREA Solo 4: 81 € 
  • OUREA Solo 5: 66 € 
  • OUREA Solo 6: 51 € 
  • OUREA Solo 7: 41 € 
  • OUREA 10K Portes du Soleil: 16 € 

Any trail runners not wishing to run for several days in a row will able to participate in the stages of their choixe, with the number of participations limited to 3 of the week with only one among stages 2-3-4 and only one among stages 5-6-7.

To access the conditions of the different prices of OUREA Xtrem, OUREA 130, OUREA 120 and Solos, please click on this link : Prices Once you’ve selected your basic registration, you’ll be able to:

Either finalise your registration for OUREA Solos and for OUREA Xtrem,130 and 120 by modifying or adding certain parameters such as:

  • Duration of accommodation
  • Number of people in your family and/or friends accompanying you in the accommodation
  • Photo service FinisherPix
  • Massages
  • GPS DotVision Service

Or return to your personal space at a later date to modify your personal details and book services, subject to availability:

  • Photo service FinisherPix
  • Massages
  • GPS DotVision Service

To gain access to the basic registration terms and rates, click on the following link to the rules

OUREA 2020 rules